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The Council of the Autonomous Province of Trento, in a special session, on July 24th, passed a motion to wage war against bears, demanding that the Provincial Committee gets a free hand in the management of bears, in order to drastically reduce their number, by means of sterilization, killing or transfer.
The bear, of course, is a species particularly protected by international conventions and hunting and killing bears is forbidden if not for self defense.
The motion, calling for the use of all possible means, in effect, is asking the Provincial Council of Trento to gain the freedom to make illegal actions, because this means the killing of bears.
The unfortunate motion was presented by some councilors of the so-called opposition and convincingly supported by the Provincial Committee, which has never efficently implemented the information and training operations for population and economic operators, to support social acceptance to launch the bears' repopulation project called Life Ursus. The Council, particularly, has accompanied increasing hostility against the bear in fact it has never intervened to disprove the false news about the bears' behavior in order to clarify the entity of the real danger, as it should be its duty, and thus the collective panic had no action to counter it.

It is pointless to note that over the years several different Councils have followed but the neglectful behaviour has always been the same!
As a matter of fact during the discussion, some of the signatories to the motion, have clearly asked the bear hunting, calling it "selective hunting" to give a touch of nobility to a sadistic and violent practice: it is clear that the eventual goal is to charge hunters with the control of the number of bears living on the Alps.
It's easy to imagine that a certain number of bears will be considered as a surplus and hence hunters will be allowed to kill them.
Moreover, an uncalculable number of bears were killed by poachers, who have never been punished!
They do not tell it in this way, of course, but it is now clear, according to us, that the ultimate goal of all negligence by the managing body (the Province) is the assignment of a certain number of bears to give to hunters because they can sadistically kill them.
The Provincial Council is acting in such a reprehensible and incorrect way that it is to be considered as unworthy of governing the Trentino Region.
The undersigned signatories of this petition are asking the President as it follows:

1. To declare the forfeiture of the Provincial Committee;
2. to dissolve the Council of the Autonomous Province of Trento;
3. to denounce to the magistrature the 31 councilors who proposed the illegal motion and sentence them of inelegibility for public office;
4. to assign the management of the Life Ursus Project to an independent committee composed of skilled and experienced professionals having a strong decision-making power, together with representatives of animal welfare groups and environmental groups, that are bearers of a concrete and real public interest.
If you need to update the legislation in force, to achieve the required results, please, do it quickly.
The shameful use thirtyone Trentin institutional representatives are making of the Special Autonomy prerogatives discredits all citizens and it is no longer tolerable.

Dissolve the council of the autonomous province of Trento


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